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Arad Winwin and Griffin Barrows

L’Amour is one of those great hardcore gay porn movies that gets stuck into the action straight away, which is something I love. This gay porn vid has been filmed by MEN and was released on the 24th May 2017 by Gods Of Men. It stars Arad Winwin and Griffin Barrows.

Alittle info about the gay porn models

Arad Winwin is a muscular hunk with all his muscles in the right place. He has a smooth hard body, a couple of tattoos, and his seven-inch cut cock is always hard and looking for a tight hole to ram it into. He has a bit of scruff on his handsome face, and he has dark brown hair, seductive brown eyes, and he is a five-foot ten inch top guy and weighs 190 pounds.

Arad has starred in 6 hardcore movies for Men, and his first movie with them was back in October 2016 where he got into a hot and horny threesome with Wesley Woods and Will Braun ( who is in all exclusive star to in a cum drenched movie called ‘Hairy Tails Part 2.’

Griffin Barrows is cute and handsome all at the same time, and his bright blue eyes will make you want to stare into them all the time, that is when you aren’t looking at his ass getting fucked deep and hard, of course. He has a lean body with a bit of hair, and he has a short cut beard. Griffin is five feet eleven inches tall, has brown hair and he is versatile with a six and a half inch cut cock and a sweet and tasty butt hole.

Griffin has starred in twenty-two movies for Men so far, and in his last movie, he had a hot session with ‘Twink Peaks Part 3’ with Aspen and Xander Brave.

And Now the action begins

Arad Winwin and Griffin Barrows are kissing each other passionately. Their hands are slowly caressing each other’s bodies, and they are making love on the couch. They kiss and lick each other’s necks and ears, and then when Arad takes his top off, Griffin sucks on his deliciously round nipples before going on down between his legs.

As they take their pants off, Griffin licks and sucks on Arad’s cock through his tight underpants before Arad takes them off. Both guys are sighing with pleasure, and as Griffin opens his mouth, Arad bites onto his bottom lips as he feels Griffin’s hot wet mouth engulfing his hard cock and taking it all the way down the back of his hungry throat.
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As Griffin continues sucking on his cock, Arad slowly thrusts his hips and down, and as the camera gets in close, you can see that Griffin sucks on his cock all the way to his full and heavy balls.

They get into the 69 position, and as they suck greedily on their cocks, Arad smacks Griffin’s ass a couple of times which sends Griffin wild with lust. With Arad still lying on his back, Griffin gets up, and as he squats over Arad’s big wet cock, he sits down on it and starts riding him hard. Their noises of hardcore man on man sex bounce off the walls, and the faster they fuck, the louder they get.
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They get into the missionary position where Arad Winwin doesn’t stop fucking Griffin Barrows ass until Griffin shouts out, and as his cum shoots out over his body, Arad carries on fucking him. With his cock still embedded deep in Griffin’s ass, he covers his fingers in Griffin’s cum and feeds it to him. Arad moves up his body, and as he reaches his face, his cum fires out into Griffin’s open mouth and over his face. Griffin then proves how much of a cum pig he really is when he grabs Arad’s cock and sucks it dry.

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Jarec Wentworth at Drill My Hole

Master is a new stand-alone scene from Drill My Hole the masters of hardcore gay porn. This one was released on August 1st and, here in the northern hemisphere, that’s usually the hottest month of the year, so we are expecting lots of hot hardcore from this cracking site. This scene stars Jarec Wentworth who is rumoured to soon be appearing in’s new porn parody series ‘Gay Of Thrones.’ (Yes I know, but what can you do? It’s hot!). You may remember him from ‘Men For Sale’ a couple of months back. Here, in Master, he appears with Sebastian Young, a guy who has made 30 movies for this company. He’s a fit guy with a spray of tattoos across his toned body, an eight inch cock and sexy green eyes.

So, enough of the intro, what’s this scene about? It’s about studly Sebastian wanting to find a top guy. He’s been a top all his life, or so he is saying, and the wants to find someone who can throw him about a bit for a change, someone to dominate him and be his top guy. Surely there’s a queue building up already for that enviable position? But, no, seems not. Luckily for him, the mate he is chatting to knows of a guy who might be able to help. So he gives this man a call; he’s a for-hire kind of guy and knows what he is doing. So, Sebastian makes and appointment and agrees to pay the $500.
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He has some second thoughts, he gets some encouragement form his buddy and then he’s off for his first taste of being a bottom. Jarec, sporting a very manly beard these days, soon put Sebastian in his place. From then on it’s a case of hard man teaching hard man to be harder, with orders barked and ‘please sir’ and ‘suck that’ and ‘do this’ and we get the beginnings of a totally awesome role play scene with two chiselled hunks. Jarec knows how to dominate and, after a while, Sebastian learns how to take orders. Cock sucking with deep throat and grabbing by the head and forcing cock into mouth, ball licking and all aggressively commanded.

This scene puts the ‘hard’ back into hardcore when Jarec decides it is time to teach his bottom’s ass a lesson. Things move in to the anal arena as Sebastian is ordered to lie face down, and gets his first taste of what a hard, thick man toy feels like in his ass. Jarec bangs away, taking his slave in all manner of positions until the guys release their jizz. Jarec cums second splashing Sebastian’s tattooed chest with thick cream and the master/slave session is over.

Master is a hardcore gay porn role-play scene, made even hotter by the unscripted, natural dialogue.…